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[Req]Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian SKIDROW
2012-06-18, 10:16 AM

S   K   i   D   R   O   W

->  T H E   L E A D i N G   F O R C E   <-

proudly presents
Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian / Majesco Entertainment

RELEASE DATE : 28-06-2009           PROTECTION : Nothing
GAME TYPE    : Action               DISKS      : 1 DVD

Release Notes:

The Skid Rowdies are looking new blood to fill up the ranks.
We're a professional team of dedicated sceners with big mark
under sceners. We believe on the ground idealism of the root
of the real old school scene. We do all this for fun and
nothing else. We don't earn anything on our hobby, as we do
this for the competition and the heart of what got the scene
started in the mid eighties.

If you think you got something to offer, then don't hold back
on contacting us as soon as possible.

Skid Row 2009

On with the game release information:

Get ready for a story so epic it could only unfold in the
corridors of the world's largest museum - The Smithsonian

Museum guard-turned entrepreneur Larry Daley discovers that
his favorite exhibits, and some of his best friends, from New
York’s Natural History Museum are being shipped off to the
archives at the Smithsonian. Larry gets a distress call from
the miniature cowboy, Jedediah, reporting that Egyptian ruler
Kahmunrah and a trio of heinous henchmen – namely Ivan the
Terrible, Napoleon and Al Capone – are plotting to take over
the museum, then the world.

Speeding to the nation's capitol, Larry is clearly in over his
head. But with some impressive new pals, including the
irrepressible Amelia Earhart and familiar friend Octavius,
Larry will stop at nothing to restore the Smithsonian before

Extend the movie experience! Play as Larry Daley,
inventor/bumbling night guard at the Museum of Natural
History, where the exhibits come alive at night! Ben Stiller's
voice and likeness are included in the game for an authentic

Meet and interact with the cast of wacky museum exhibits
including historical figures like Amelia Earhart and Teddy
Roosevelt along with dinosaurs and polar bears.

Battle history's greatest villains, from Al Capone to Napoleon
to Ivan the Terrible.

Adventure through 12 levels within The Smithsonian, from the
Federal Archives to the Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln
Memorial and many more.

Take control of out of this world vehicles - pilot the Lunar
Lander, Pitcairn Autogyro and Rexy.

Use your trusty Key Chain and Flashlight to solve puzzles and
make your way through the museums.

Collect all of the pieces of the Magic Tablet of Ahkmenrah to
unlock new levels, solve puzzles, and more.

Collect a huge variety of pick-ups to unlock features,
mini-games and bonus content.

Stuck in an area? Use the Eye of Horus hint system to reveal
important areas that may just help you keep going.

Check out all of your accomplishments in the Award Room.

Real Smithsonian content includes trivia questions, in game
Audio Tours and

Install Notes:

1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install game
4. Play the game
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