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2012-06-18, 10:34 AM



Mad Riders
(c) Ubisoft

Ripped: -                        Release date: 3/06/2012
Files: 39x10.00MB                Language: English


Perform aerial stunts, use your boost wisely, and open shortcuts to
dominate your friends on 45 tracks in stunning tropical locations
across the globe.

The games breathtaking speed and accessible gameplay allows
players of all skills to instantly pick up on the fun, while the
competitive multiplayer and customization options will keep them
coming back.

Mad Riders delivers the ultimate off-road racing experience for
thrill seekers and fans of wheel-to-wheel action

Key Features:

Be crafty to claim victory

Enter wheel-to-wheel frenzy, thanks to an intuitive drop-in system,
and compete in 3 exciting multiplayer modes playable up to 12 players.

Experience blistering speed

Boosting is the key to victory Fill your boost bar by performing
stunts or by collecting rings to be the fastest.

Use shortcuts to your advantage

Use shortcuts wisely to steal victory by turning the tide of a race.

Dominate the air

Mastering the air is as important as mastering the ground.
Impressive aerial stunts will fill your boost bar to stay ahead.

Race in stunning exotic locations

Race on 45 different tracks set in breathtaking locales around the

Compete with other racers

Put your skills to the test against friends and the community
thanks the worldwide online leaderboards.

Define your style

Choose from a large selection of ATVs and buggies. Customize your
vehicle and character to match your style.

1. Unzip & Unrar
2. Start setup.bat
3. Have Fun

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